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Demolition & Prep

This is often the messiest, and sometimes, the most dangerous yet essential part of almost every renovation. This process can create a lot of dust, pieces of drywall, broken brick and wood, as well as many other bits of material that needs to be dismantled and discarded of properly and safely. Our team of professionals will ensure the necessary steps are taken so that there is as little disruption possible from the rest of your home.

Countertops & Back Splash

One of the easiest ways to change or update the look of your kitchen is to add or enhance the look of either your back splash or countertop. There are literally thousands of options on the market, making your choices limitless! From the classic elegance of marble and granite, or a modern edge of glass and metals, to a traditional hard wood cutting board counter-top….we can help you create the look you want while fulfilling your cooking and entertaining needs!

Hardwood & Ceramic Flooring Installation

Deciding on the right flooring material for your kitchen can seem like a daunting task, there are so many choices and kitchen floors sure take a beating! It needs to sturdy and strong, yet compliment the look and feel of the rest of your kitchen and home. We are very familiar with the flooring products on the market, we will ensure that you are satisfied and love the look and feel of your new floor.

Cupboards & Cabinetry

Want to completely change the look, feel, and layout of your kitchen? Our team of Kitchen Specialists will help create your dream kitchen by walking you through each step from picking the right cabinetry to creating the best floor-plan. Your kitchen is a workspace, but why not enjoy the time you spend working?


Tile and Stone Installation

Tiling materials such as porcelain, granite, ceramic, stone, marble, glass, and natural or treated slate are beautiful and easy to maintain. They offer a natural and durable way to add elements of texture and beauty to any room, including the bathroom.

In-floor Heating

In-floor heating is an excellent and energy efficient way of creating a source of heat within the home. There is no better way to warm the body than through the feet! Remodelling or renovating the bathroom is the perfect time to add this feature as the flooring needs to be pulled up or replaced in order to install.

Vanity & Lighting Fixture Installation

Bathroom vanities are available in a vast range of styles, sizes, and colours and are completely customizable to your space. Lighting fixtures can be used alone or in combination with other light sources to create the perfect amount of light to fit your lifestyle. We’ll help you find that perfect combination and install it…perfectly!

Tub and Faucet Selection & Installation

Bathroom hardware can be thought of as ‘jewellery for the bathroom’. It provides the finishing touches that complete the desired look. Although these fixtures vary in beauty, they work hard and it’s important to choose those that will stand up to your lifestyle and fulfills the demands of your family.

Basement & Other Rooms


Framing the walls is sometimes referred to as the ‘bones’ of the wall. They offer the support needed to hold the drywall with either lumber or steel studs. We specialize in building interior partition walls, basement exterior walls, and home additions. We also do structural beam work.

Insulation & Vapour Barriers

Unfinished basements are often damp and cold. Installing insulation will reduce your home heating costs and can add more living space to your home. There are several types of insulation available; we will provide you with the best option depending on your needs.

Drywall, Compound, & Taping

If done correctly, the wall will be smooth and seamless and the corners are perfect. We have over 15 years of experience at 360 Custom Contracting.

Sand & Paint

Preparation is the key to creating a beautiful space. Walls must be sanded to ensure proper adhesion of the paint. When this is done correctly, walls will look flawless!

Wainscoting & Crown Moulding

Add a touch of elegance to any room with wainscoting and crown moulding. We create superior and custom made and measured carpentry services.

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